Portuguese rapper David Mota, better known as Mota Jr, went missing from his home in March. It was speculated that he had been abducted by two armed men. On Monday, the search ended as his body was discovered in a wooded area. The investigation to find the rapper's killers is ongoing.

In the early hours of March 15, David reportedly received a phone call from his friend. He went to the door of his building in São Marcos, Portugal to meet her. It is speculated that two armed men ambushed David at the door. He was then attacked and abducted by the men.

According to TVI, David's mother received a call from a neighbour asking her to check on her son. Filomena Mota found David missing from his room. She started looking for her son and found his hat and slippers at the building's entrance. There was also blood which belonged to David.

According to Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Notícias, the friend witnessed the stabbing and abduction of David. After the abduction, the assailants returned to David's home the same night. In the absence of any resident, the criminals robbed the home of money and gold jewellery. Police were unable to find David for over two months.

On Monday, a decomposed corpse was found in a wooded area in Sesimbra. The body was identified to be that of David from the clothes. Police sent the body for a post mortem examination to formally identify the body. It is speculated that after being abducted, David was tortured by his kidnappers.

The rapper was known for his music as well as for his extravagant lifestyle. On his Instagram page, he flaunted pictures of luxury vehicles, piles of money, exotic locations, and guns. He projected a lifestyle of luxury. His abductors assumed that David had a lot of wealth which they could rob him of. They assumed that David was not telling them where he had hidden his wealth.

Portugal's National Counter-Terrorism Unit revealed that an individual was responsible for the planning of the abduction and they had hired two men. Arrests have been made but the details of the arrests have not been revealed.

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Portuguese rapper abducted and murdered by kidnappers.