Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs every Monday night on VH1 VH1

With each new episode Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is bringing out bigger and bigger fights among the show's participants.

The latest feud is between once good friends Rasheeda and Kalenna who had a major tiff when their husbands, Kirk Frost and Tony decided to surprise their wives by orchestrating the most awkward double date, ever.

As expected, the meeting turned sour when both the women started cursing each other at the dinner table.

"A nice date wrong gone horribly wrong," the American singer-songwriter's husband Tony said in the After Party which aired right after episode 14.

Kalenna, however, was not happy to meet her friend-turned-foe and tagged the meeting with "I thought this was date night. Right now this is about to turn into a hate night."

Frost thinks his wife was pretty decent during the dinner date but it was Kalenna who went over the board and threw the juice glass because Rasheeda referred to her as 'the other girl' in Tony's life.

This is not the first time the My Bubblegum singer has picked a fight with a fellow star. In previous episodes of the VH1 reality show, she lashed out at new artist Ashley Nicole.

The duo had a huge showdown, when Rasheeda suspected that her husband Kirk is cheating on her with the new singer in town.

However, later she discovers that Nicole is spending some cosy moments with her girlfriend and promises to help her in elevating her singing career.

It will be interesting to see what happens between the hip hop ladies in episode 15 which will air on 3 August on VH1.