There has been immense talk about foldable displays leading the way for dual-screen devices, but we are yet to see a mainstream electronics manufacturer produce a mobile, tablet or even a laptop with such technology. In the meanwhile, California-based Razer Inc has unveiled a three-screen or triple display laptop at the ongoing CES 2017.

Three screens for one laptop may sound crazy, but it is doable as shown by Razer. The laptop developed under the name Project Valerie comes with three 17.3 inch screens that can be unfolded and placed beside the central screen with a keyboard and processor attached in the middle. Each screen has 4K resolution making the combined resolution capacity of the laptop a staggering 12k (11520 x 2160 pixel).

The technology is not bendable – but rather foldable – and does not cater to a single screen. The laptop has a central lid chassis from which other screens slide out.

The end result is an elongated 180-degree viewing area, powered by NVIDIA's Surround View technology, which enables programs to spread a single image across multiple monitors. Moreover, the laptop's wiring is fully internal so there should not be any snagging power cords.

The entire case when carrying around may seem quite thick and heavy as it weighs 12 pounds, but that's only because the two additional screens have been folded into a single device. According to Razer, this is "the world's first portable laptop with three built-in monitors and an automated deployment mechanism".

The laptop is a prototype hence no price details or estimates have been release as yet.

Razer three screen laptop
The three screen laptop is one of its kind Razer