Mel B
Melanie Brown and husband Stephen Belafonte ended relationship in March Getty

Singer Melanie Brown's alleged ex-girlfriend has made claims as to why the former Spice Girl ended her 10-year marriage with Stephen Belafonte.

After Mel B and Belafonte got together, she became estranged from her family but things changed after her father's death in March, according to Christa Parker. "I think that her dad getting sick, the reality of that, and him passing – that hit her full force," Parker told The Mirror about the recent passing of Martin Brown.

"She was always close to her mum, sister and dad. She talked to her mum every day, she talked to her sister every day. Her mum would come to LA and we'd all go out and do things," Parker said.

However, after Mel B and Stephen came together, she got rid of "all of her old friends, people that were close to her, because he had to be in control of everything" she added.

Parker went on to dish more dirt and revealed that the 41-year-old musician-turned-TV presenter had "cut" her family off because of differences between them and Belafonte.

"Her family despised him. Stephen would call Melanie's mum and sister and just cuss them out and abuse them. He didn't like Melanie around them, so that's why she cut them off," Parker said.

Mel B ended her relationship with Belafonte in March 2017. They share 5-year-old daughter Madison along with Mel's other children from previous relationships.

The X Factor judge listed a catalogue of physical abuse and other complaints as she filed for a restraining order against her estranged husband. In a sworn statement, Mel even accused the film producer of "intentionally delaying" her visit to her sick father by hiding her passport.

While the singer has been granted a temporary restraining order, her ex continued to dismiss all the claims calling it a 'smear campaign' against him.