New year, new Kim Kardashian it seems. Between her Twitter comebacks, scathing takedown of her ex-brother in law Lamar Odom, "inappropriate" striptease on social media and the controversy surrounding the cornrows she renamed her 'Bo Derek braids', the reality TV queen appears to be giving "zero f**ks" lately.

The 37-year-old make-up mogul upped the ante earlier in February when she revealed plans to send her new Bae fragrance to some of her "haters" just in time for Valentine's Day. Many of the mother of three's famous enemies, including Piers Moran, Taylor Swift and P!nk, made the colour-coordinated post-it pile she shared on Snapchat.

Her recent behaviour may have raised a few eyebrows (chat show host Wendy Williams even branded he "desperate" for the string of half-naked pictures) but Kardashian has a message for her detractors.

In the black and white picture posted to her 107million Instagram followers, she sports a blonde wig and sticks her tongue out.

"You've been real sassy lately!!! #LoveIt #Petty #Unbothered," one person said, while another wrote: "When they hate on you just play my song " no time " and say " this ones for you "

A third applauded her new level of pettiness, adding: "Keep it up"

But some people warned her against turning her Instagram account into a Mean Girls-style "burn book", with one writing: "You're sending them Perfumes... they'll slap you harder with their success!!!!"

Another advised her to "Put ur tongue away."

"You are the vainest person I have ever seen! Revolting!"

Kardashian has previously said she will never stop posing nude. She's broken the internet in the past with her famous naked bathroom selfie and shaken up the fashion industry with racy covers for GQ, W, Paper and Love magazines.

She told Allure in 2017: "My publicist would say to me, 'You're not getting naked. I have to be there.'"

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Kim Kardashian reveals her "hate list" with blue post-it notes Instagram