Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson at an event - File photo Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. In fact, it's been recommended not to skip the day's first meal as it provides our body with energy after 'fasting' all night while a person is asleep.

We all have that one meal we prefer to kickstart our day with for a boost. Some people may prefer a meal which may include bacon, sausages, eggs and a beverage, such as coffee or tea, while others may like to have meals out of a box.

And Louis Tomlinson seems to come into the latter category, with the 25-year-old singer a big fan of cereal. The former One Direction star's go-to breakfast is Kellogg's Ricicles. However, despite Ricicles being his choice, he soon won't be able to enjoy it as Kellogg's is set to discontinue the production of this particular type of cereal from next year.

Tomlinson was quite 'furious' about it and took to social media to express his displeasure at the cookie and cracker manufacturing company's decision to axe his favourite cereal.

"What's this I'm hearing about you lot getting rid of Ricicles. Fuming!!" Tomlinson wrote on Twitter.

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker and Pointless co-presenter Richard Osman also made their feelings known about Kellogg's decision to remove the product from store shelves next year.

According to the Mirror, Walker told his followers, "Ricicles to be phased out #RIP", while Osman cheekily said, "Gutted that Kellogg's have announced they're axing Ricicles. How will we know what the worst cereal in a Variety Pack is now?"

While Ricicles will be phased out completely next year, Kellogg's will be overhauling its other cereal products to make them healthier. It will be reducing sugar content by 40% in Coco Pops and 20% in Rice Krispies, which it says is what Ricicles would have tasted like if the sugar content was reduced in the product.