Red Band Society
Red Band Society Episode 9 airs today RedBandSociety/Facebook

Red Band Society returns with an all new episode on Wednesday, 26 November at 9pm ET on Fox.

In the ninth episode, titled How Did We Get Here? the patients and the doctors at Ocean Park hospital will be bitten by the love bug. Also, guest star Bella Thorne arrives at the hospital, as pop star Delaney Shaw.

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The official synopsis reads:

Previously in the show, Nurse Jackson's suspension was terminated and Charlie opened his eyes. The much-anticipated Dr Naday (Adrian Lester) arrives to treat Charlie, in his unorthodox ways, which proves effective.

Also, Hunter and Kara bonded when his sister shows up in the hospital and the episode ended with the two kissing.

Hunter says about Kara: "You're the best terrible person I've met in a long time."

Red Band Society
Dash and pop star Delaney in Red Band Society Episode 9 RedBandSociety/Facebook

In tonight's episode, Dash might be moving in on Delaney, and Leo (Charlie Rowe) and Emma (Ciara Bravo) will get closer, while Kara (Zoe Levin) and Hunter (Daren Kagasoff) explore their new found connection.

Dave Annable, who portrays Dr McAndrew, tweeted a photo of himself and Mandy Moore (who plays chief of surgery Dr Erin Grace on the show) as they stand in front of the fictional hospital's chapel-hinting that the characters could rekindle their romance.

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