Hungarian photographer Norbert Baksa has removed a fashion shoot inspired by refugees and migrants after coming under fire on social media. The series, entitled Der Migrant, featured several posed pictures of the model Monika Jablonczky being pulled by police at the fence, taking a selfie with a phone with the Chanel logo, wearing flowery dresses, Zara jumpsuits, boots, and heels.

Many people on Twitter blasted the photographer's shoot as tasteless, as it seemingly glamorises a painful and desperate situation that thousands currently face at the border with European including, especially Hungary.

"We have experienced a lot of negative feedback since the publication of our photo series Der Migrant, although more and more people recognise the true message behind the pictures and agree with it," Norbert Baksa said on Twitter. ""Considering the heated emotions and because, despite our intentions, many unfortunately consider the pictures offending, we have decided to remove the series from our website."

Earlier, the photographer defended his work on his website saying that he hoped people would realise that the situation is "very complex" and see "that they are taking stands based on partial or biased information".

On 21 September, Hungary's parliament approved a controversial law that authorises the wider use of the military to fend off migrants gathering on its borders. The legislation allows the army to use non-lethal weapons such as rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear gas, grenades and net guns.

The tough measure is just the latest in a series of controversial bids to stop an influx of desperate migrants into the country. Last week, Hungarian police started to build a 25-mile razor wire fence on the border with Croatia, armed by hundreds of troops. "We must implement the same measures as on the Serbian-Hungarian border," prime minister Viktor Orban said in reference to the 10-ft fence built on the country's frontier with Serbia that diverted the flow of migrants towards Croatia and Slovenia.