Sussex police have arrested 12 people at anti-immigration protest in Brighton. The "No More Refugees" march, which had been organised by far-right groups, was countered by a Stop the March for England group who organised a pro-refugee demonstration in retaliation.

Sussex Police were forced to enact Section 60AA of the Public Order Act, giving them the right to remove face masks concealing identifies if they feel the people are involved in criminal activity or violence.

Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp said: "We're confident that having made a number of arrests at such an early stage, we have significantly reduced the risk of disruption and disorder in the town centre.

"Unfortunately, whilst the vast majority of demonstrators act peacefully, a small minority appear to have come with the intention to cause problems."

The Chief Superintendent said that reports of assault and criminal damage are being invested and further arrests are expected. The 12 men have been arrested on suspicion of breach of peace and remain in custody as police have increased patrols in the area and are appealing for witnesses.

Many took to Twitter to welcome the counter demonstration against the "No More Refugees" march, with some adding that there is "no place for Nazis in our beautiful city".