Pokemon Go Fest
The awkward, awful hosts of Pokémon Go Fest. Niantic

On Saturday (22 July) Niantic held the the first major live event for mobile hit Pokémon Go. The ticketed event in Chicago eventually saw the release of the game's first two powerful legendary Pokémon, but the day was plagued by technical issues.

Those in attendance found that their games crashed, didn't work or they simply couldn't log in as the developers dealt with phone network issues, bugs in the game and an issue with authenticating player accounts.

Players around the world played their part in the weekend's in-game event, but could also watch the event in Chicago via a livestream on Twitch and YouTube.

The stream didn't make for comfortable viewing, leading to YouTuber 'bobvids' creating a supercut of the most cringey moments (embedded below).

Niantic CEO John Hanke was booed when he made an appearance, as were the stream's awkward hosts throughout the day.

The crowd were constantly heckling too, reminding all involved of the problems ruining their day.

"Fix the game!" one person yelled at Hanke. Later the crowd could be heard chanting "We can't play! We can't play!" as the presenters did their best to ignore the ongoing issues. At one point a bottle was thrown at one the hosts.

Towards the end of the video an exchange seemingly between a couple of those working behind the scenes can be heard. "At least they're not throwing bombs," says one. "Only because they don't have any," retorts another.

Niantic eventually compensated those in attendance, gifting them $100-worth of in-game currency and one of the legendary Pokémon, Lugia, without the need to catch it themselves.

Lengthy queues also left a lot of attendees waiting to get in for hours, but eventually the day's problems abated. By way of apology, Niantic also expanded the area in which rewards for those attending could be found beyond the confines of Grant Park, so players could get hold of the bonuses after the event concluded.

Lugia and Articuno were the first two legendary Pokémon that joined the game, becoming available for players to catch around the world. Only those who paid to attend, and so had access to a special QR code, could access the rewards and special Pokémon on offer.

It could have been worse though. At least it didn't rain all day.