Duke Nukem remaster
Duke's back. Again. Imgur

If you still care about Duke Nukem, it might interest you to know a new game may be in the pipeline. A website has appeared that strongly hits at a new outing from the Duke, set to be revealed on Thursday 1 September, to mark 20 years since he swaggered onto our screens in Duke Nukem 3D.

There venerable excrement-storm that surrounded 2011's Duke Nukem Forever rightly left us assuming that it was the final nail in the coffin for the foul-mouthed, buzzcut-donning antihero, but it looks like he's not hanging up his sunglasses just yet. DukeNukem.com, which appeared online on Thursday, features a countdown timer to 2 September alongside a banner reading "Happy 20th Anniversary".

The Duke Nukem Facebook page has also suddenly sprung back to life, meanwhile a dedicated Twitter account has appeared under the handle @dukenukemgame.

Over on Reddit, forum user Tezla55 claims the new game being teased is a redux of 1996's Duke Nukem 3D called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour. According to this person, who claims that someone leaked the information to them, the game is being developed by Nerve Software, a company co-founded by ex-id Software employee Brandon James.

Duke Nukem World Tour screenshot
Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour will apparently be a remaster of the original game Imgur

Also included are links to images, which Tezla55 claims are legit screenshots from the game. He/she was apparently told of them: "These are official. This is a Duke 3D remaster. In many ways, you can look at this game as a Duke Nukem 3D remix as there will be a lot of new/original content added in as well.

"From my understanding, these screens are just a handful out of a bunch of press shots that will be coming out in the following days."

You can view all the screenshots posted to Imgur here.

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