Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Live Streaming: Emily and Victoria united in 'Abduction' to fight Balcolm Black
Revenge season 4 airs every Sunday on ABC Revenge/Facebook

Revenge season 4 episode 20 ended on a cliff-hanger when Victoria Grayson was shown triggering a massive blast at the Grayson Manor mansion, which probably killed her, but she did something that will leave fans in shock.

Episode 21, which is titled Aftermath, will narrate the mystery behind the explosion and how it will affect Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke.

Emily and Victoria have been nemesis since the beginning of the series and it is highly unlikely that the Grayson matriarch will commit suicide and leave David Clarke's daughter alone.

In episode 20 fans saw, Victoria blame Amanda for the fatal attack on her at the car parking area, when Margaux comes to her aid after the attacker flees. And now, if Victoria is dead, everyone will feel that Emily was the mastermind behind all that has gone down with the Grayson clan.

Moreover, there are high chances that Victoria has planted evidences against her nemesis before she was "reduced to ashes" in the major Grayson Manor explosion.

Also, the promo of the upcoming episode shows Margaux and Louise blame the Clarke daughter for the death of Mama Grayson, after they discover a letter.

But is the queen of Hampton really dead? Madeleine Stowe, who plays Victoria, told Entertainment Weekly, "I'm not returning to "Revenge" for another season."

"You will see her in flashbacks. I think that anybody who has really, really watched the show and who really knows Victoria would know that she's pretty much had a death wish. Victoria has died," Stowe confirms.

The synopsis for Aftermath, reads: Victoria's drastic choice has permanent consequences for Emily. As Emily sifts through the wreckage of her life, even her closest friends will worry she has finally gone too far. [via Hollywood Hills]

Click here to watch the episode via live stream online on ABC's official website. Revenge season 4 episode 21 airs on Sunday, 26 April on ABC network.