Revenge Season 4 will soon air its mid-season finale and someone major will die as per the show's synopsis.

Episode 10 promises to be shocking and is titled 'Atonement' and one of the Hamptonites will end his/her journey and die a gruesome death.

In the previous episode, Emily manages to get hold of one of David's attackers and tries to extract information about who is behind the fatal attacks on her father.

Meanwhile, Nolan has made a secret pact with Margaux for his personal benefit while Louise declares that she is pregnant with Daniel's child.

Jack and Kate are growing closer to each other and this may not be good news for Emily, who started developing feelings for her 'good friend'.

Agent Kate Taylor is secretly working with Malcolm Black, the dreaded villain who is after David's life and whom Jack is trying to save for the sake of his friendship with Emily Thorne.

In the previous episode, Jack was almost successful in solving the curious case of David Clarke but sadly the other attacker committed suicide.

The official synopsis of episode 10 reads, "Jack is torn between Emily and the new woman in his life, while Nolan and Louise bring Southern charm to East Hampton."

Episode 10 will be fatal for one major character that will shape the popular thriller drama when it returns again with the rest of the episodes of season 5.

In the previous season, fans were shocked when Aiden died and if David dies in the mid-season finale of season 4, Emily will again live without love and this may not go down well with fans.

Cartermatt suspects that Charlotte might die as she has nothing more in the series and Louise's death may be shocking mostly because she is pregnant.

However, Madeleine Stowe who plays the nemesis of David's long lost daughter has earlier said that major deaths are coming to the show. "There are going to be deaths, I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria's one of them," Stowe told E Online during an interview.

Revenge Season 4 will air episode 10 'Atonement' on 7 December on ABC.