Revenge Season 4: Where to Watch Episode 6 'Damage' Live Stream Online
Emily questions her own identity when she learns that her father David Clarke is alive. Revenge/Facebook

The most awaited father-daughter reunion in ABC's hit drama Revenge Season 4 is yet to happen. Fans are more than eager to know how David Clarke will react when he sees his lost daughter, Amanda Clarke whom he had presumed dead all these years.

In episode 6 'Damage' David will prepare to narrate the story of his survival though a television interview.

However, an insecure Victoria Grayson is freaking out with the fear at the prospect of losing her long lost love at the hands of her nemesis, Emily Thorne.

Mama Grayson holds the former Amanda Clarke accountable for whatever happened to her in Season 3 and vows to make Emily pay for every pain David's daughter induced in her.

The promo of the upcoming episode suggests at an encounter between Nolan and the Grayson matriarch, where the former teases the queen of Hampton by saying, "Oh, I just love live TV. You never know what's going to happen."

The Hampton socialite gets visibly scared by Nolan's gentle threat and moves forward to kiss her love.

"No matter what happens I will always be on your side," she whispers in David's ears.

The official synopsis of episode 6 reads: "Charlotte's downward spiral will take her to a place where even Emily (Emily VanCamp) worries she can't be saved."

Apart from David's live TV interview, the episode will focus on Charlotte's self destructive activities and how her step-sister Emily is trying her best to save her.

What will happen after papa Clark's interview? Will Nolan be able to create the bridge that will reunite the lost father and daughter?

More will happen when Revenge Season 4 returns with episode 6 'Damage'.

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