A man has asked for bail after he was offered a job

The alleged ringleader of a gang rape of a 14-year-old girl has requested bail so he can start a new job.

Kevin Andrew Wild, along with his brothers Allan Mark Wild, Rowan Gavin Wild, 27, from Victoria, and Brodie Mark Wild, 20, from Queensland, are accused of abducting a schoolgirl from a park in Geelong, Australia on 1 November, and raping her before returning her to the park.

Two of the brothers have been granted bail, while Allan Mark Wild was refused bail in November 2015, and Kevin is making an application for bail for the first time. It is believed the 29-year-old is in the building trade, and has had an offer of work that he wishes to take up if granted bail, Australian paper The Age reported.

However, following the bail request, Melbourne Magistrate's Court was told about 14 new charges against the accused in addition to those of rape and abduction, stating that Wild's potential employer was aware of the first two charges.

The court heard during the hearing that a witness heard Kevin Wild joking about the fact the girl was young, saying: "The next time I see her I should buy her some Dora the Explorer underwear".

Defending, Michael O'Connell said the teenage girl had been at a house party prior to reaching the park, with witnesses recalling her acting 'drunk' and said she had had sexual encounters with other teenagers at the party. It is also alleged that the victim's memory of the night is 'patchy'.

The matter of bail has been adjourned until later on 23 February, reportedly to allow Kevin Wild's alcohol use to be assessed.