Rockstar has recommended two more GTA Online jobs for players to try out. This announcement comes days after the company let out its first list of Verified GTA Online jobs, all of which were created by players on the Beta GTA Online creator, which was released a few weeks ago.

"For those looking for more great ones to give a whirl over this holiday season, here are some more player favorites that have been making noise out there so far garnering grassroots attention via YouTube, Reddit and other places by virtue of their creativity and sheer fun", Rockstar said in a blog post.

Users can have a look at the selected jobs over here. The first one happens to be "Jump the Lake" by Gaming Delimited.

Check the video of the mission below.

"Reminiscent of a Japanese game show, members of the The Last Rising Crew use the concept of skipping stones across the water to create some semi-aquatic motorbike madness with a series of ramps and a fleet of motorcycles. Watch the hilarity unfold in the video above and play the Job for yourself if you're up for the challenge."

Up next is "Fort Zancudo Race & Spyhunter V1" by rechyy.

Here's a video of the map being played below.

"Catch-me-if-you-can daredevil rechyyy (aka clayman90 on YouTube) has pulled off some incredibly well-timed and expertly evasive GTAV police chases in the past. Now, with the help of the GTA Online Creators, he's calling all the shots with well-placed ramps and power-ups in a GTA style race, that leaves even the toughest hot-pursuit lawmen coming up short. He's also taken it a step further with a nostalgic nod to the classic arcade shooter Spy Hunter."

Rockstar's move to give players more content on GTA Online has proven to be rather successful. The company has seen over a million jobs being created with the new Creator tool in less than a few weeks. Rockstar has promised players that it will handpick more verified jobs in the coming days.