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Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to sex with a minor Getty

A woman who was sexually assaulted by film director Roman Polanski when she was 13 years old has urged a judge to terminate the long-running case.

Samantha Geimer, 54, called on Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon to resolve the matter by either dismissing the case outright or sentencing Polanski for the crime.

"I would implore you to do this for me, out of mercy for myself," Ms Geimer said. "I am not speaking on behalf of Roman, but justice. I implore you to consider to resolve this matter without incarcerating an 83-year-old man."

Geimer who sued Polanski in 1993 and reached a settlement for $500,000 has repeatedly stated that she has forgiven the Oscar winning director and now wants to get on with her life.

Polanski assaulted Geimer in Los Angeles in 1977 at Jack Nicholson's home in the Hollywood Hills during a photo shoot.

He pleaded guilty to having sex with her but fled the US after spending 42 days in jail in 1978 fearing that a plea deal would be overruled and that he would receive a long sentence.

The director then fled to France before he was due to be sentenced for having unlawful sex with a minor.

The filmmaker was arrested in both Poland and Switzerland on US warrants during the past decade. However, both the nations have declined to extradite him.

Fearing arrest if he returned to the US he was unable to collect his 2002 best director Oscar for The Pianist.

In April Judge Gordon rejected Polanski's plea to avoid jail in the rape case. He dismissed the motion filed by the film-maker's lawyers, who said Polanski was ready to come to the US if he was guaranteed he would not serve more time in jail.