Hours after announcing that they will stop using their "Sussex Royal" brand or word "Royal" as their transition period is put into effect on Tuesday, March 31, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released a bombshell statement revealing that they are not very thrilled with Queen Elizabeth II's decision. However, the palace aides were not surprised to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's reaction.

Hours after releasing a statement via Buckingham Palace wherein the Sussexes agreed upon the new arrangement of giving up their brand name, the royals released a lengthy statement on their personal website, calling it an "update" on many details from royal family's emergency meeting in January.

Calling out the queen, the parents-of-one claimed that the "there is not any jurisdiction by The Monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word 'Royal' overseas. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use 'Sussex Royal' or any iteration of the word 'Royal' in any territory (either within the UK or otherwise) when the transition occurs Spring 2020."

According to Daily Mail, the statement also went on to provide a reminder to the followers that Prince Harry remains sixth in the line to the throne. The statement attracted reactions from various parties. However, the palace is particularly "exasperated by the intervention, although not unduly surprised."

A palace insider accused the couple of losing "all sense of perspective."

The palace aides believe that while the family is trying to do their best for the couple, they are only "sniping from the sidelines," which will bring no good to them.

"It was their decision to do this and the family is clearly trying their best to facilitate it," the source said. "But it inevitably requires sacrifices on both sides and the Sussexes need to be rather more gracious about it. Sniping from the sidelines doesn't help anyone," the insider added.

"Let's just hope they feel they have got whatever they want to get out of their system," another insider said.

In another point in their 1000 words statement, the Sussexes made a reference to the other titled royals of the family who are allowed to seek employment outside of the institution, while they have been placed under a review period. Several reports claim that Harry and Meghan were referencing to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie in the public jibe, according to Cosmopolitan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and his fiancée US actress Meghan Markle pose for a photograph in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace Getty

In the meanwhile, Richard Fitzwilliams, royal expert and commentator claims that their longer statement reveals that the "pair are very unhappy with the deal."