Princess Diana Taj Mahal
Diana, Princess of Wales is pictured in front of the Taj Mahal on 11 February 1992 Tim Graham/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be invited to sit on the same bench at the Taj Mahal where Princess Diana posed solo for photographers in 1992, their tour guide confirmed today (15 April). Atul Bhargava, the Indian government's chief archaeologist and the royal couple's tour guide at the Taj Mahal, said there will definitely be a stop at the 'Diana bench' as he takes the royal couple on a journey around the monument.

"They will spend two hours at the site, and yes of course they will visit that bench. It will be cordoned off for the VIPs," said Bhargava, 45. Prince William will make another significant memory when he will be invited along with Kate Middleton by Bhargava to sign on the same page in the Taj Mahal's visitor book where the Prince's mother signed nearly 24 years ago.

"Diana's signature is there, we would like William and Kate to put their signatures on the same page. That would be an emotional moment," said Bhuvan Vikrama, the lead archaeologist based at the Taj Mahal, reported The Telegraph.

On 15 April, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on a three-hour expedition to a Buddhist monastery, called Tiger's Nest, located at a height of 10,000ft in in the Himalayas in Bhutan.

"It was amazing, beautiful scenery as you saw and with the mountains like this and the temples at the top it was just stunning to walk up there, see all the scenery and to witness, listen to some of the history and religion of the country. It's really important when you come on a trip like this, to see some of that," said William after the climb.

When prompted about his father, Prince Charles' visit, William told reporters: "Well, my father didn't make it to the top. That's something I'll be reminding him of when I see him." Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge did not break a sweat. "It's a great way to burn off the curry," joked Kate Middleton.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
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