Queen Camilla and Catherine, Princess of Wales
Kate Middleton, pictured here with Queen Camilla during Remembrance Sunday, is described as "cold and vacant" in Omid Scobie's book called "Endgame". The Prince and Princess of Wales/Twitter

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards has rubbished claims Omid Scobie wrote about the royal family in his book "Endgame" especially concerning Kate Middleton, who the author described as "cold and vacant".

Scobie cited a former royal aide to the Princess of Wales who said that she can be "cold if she doesn't like someone". He also painted an unflattering image of the future queen who he claimed only works "part time."

He added that Kate Middleton has reportedly also been given the nickname "Katie Keen" because the palace press office hides her lower workload under the reasoning that she is "keen to learn".

Scobie likewise noted that despite being an advocate for better mental health, the mum-of-three "ignored Meghan Markle's cries for help" amid a mental health struggle. Kate Middleton allegedly also had no interest to form a bond with her sister-in-law and that she has had five private secretaries in six years because they found the role "uninspiring and frustrating".

Edwards came to the princess' defence during an interview with Jeremy Kyle and Nicola Thorp on Talk Today on Tuesday. He drew comparisons between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton and wondered where Scobie obtained his information.

He shared: "Last night I looked at some of my pictures of Kate just thinking where has he got this from. Katie is keen, she really does a great job. She's got three children she wants to spend time with but at the same time she gives an awful lot of her time to the royal family."

The photographer then complimented the Princess of Wales not just on how she carries herself elegantly but also on being a sportswoman. He noted that she "turns up in nice outfits and she looks great" and called her a "photographers' dream".

He admitted: "I have to say, when I see some of the things she does, when she gets involved in sports, she plays sports like she's a sportsman all her life, she just gives everything to it and she's absolutely a joy to photograph."

As for Meghan Markle, Arthur shared that he covered her first 18 months as a working royal. During that time, he thought that "she was a great addition to the royal family and she was okay, but not a patch on Kate". He explained that the Duchess of Sussex "would always be safe, doing the selfies, doing the autographs". However, he observed that Kate Middleton "would absolutely charm children". The photographer added that the royal family will be "pretty angry" about Scobie's claims in "Endgame" and that he finds most of the book's revelations to be "untrue".