Carole Middleton's younger brother, Gary Goldsmith, is not happy with how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle negatively painted the royal family in their Netflix series "Harry & Meghan." He specifically defended his niece Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William.

Reactions were varied when it comes to the revelations the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made in the six-part docuseries. While some were thrilled to learn more about their love story, others were not so keen to hear them criticise the royal family yet again.

Royal experts have accused them of continuing to wage war against the royals and The Firm. Goldsmith is one of those who are not happy with the "truth bombs" the couple shared on TV.

"Wow. To begin with, I found myself mesmerised, but after seeing the final three episodes I now feel slightly sullied and dirty. The whole thing just beggars belief," the 57-year-old businessman told the Daily Mail in response to "Harry & Meghan."

He added, "'They promised bombs, but it wasn't exactly the Blitz was it?' More like a series of hissy fits and throwing toys out of the pram."

Goldsmith thinks that Prince William and Kate Middleton "will be feeling deeply wounded" as "they love" Prince Harry and "they miss him." He believes that "despite this attack," they would still welcome him and Meghan Markle back into the royal fold.

He claimed that the Princess of Wales wants nothing more than to see the warring brothers reconcile. He said this is the "real love story" in the "Harry & Meghan" series, about "two brothers who love each other but have been torn apart."

Goldsmith then admitted that for him the docuseries "felt not only scripted and inauthentic but unfair, self-interested, unreasonable and untrue." He called it a "self-pitying whinge-fest" and accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of having disrespected Queen Elizabeth II since they filmed the show while the late monarch was unwell.

He also contradicted claims Meghan Markle made in "Harry & Meghan" that Kate Middleton is not a "hugger." He revealed, "Kate's a hugger. Yes! At her younger sister Pippa's wedding in 2017, she had Prince George in her arms and literally ran over to give me and my daughter Tallulah a massive hug."

Goldsmith further defended Kate Middleton and Prince William and said they put family first, the monarch second, and themselves last. Whereas, he claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "place a high priority on themselves."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle at a walkabout for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. Photo: Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images/Getty Images Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images/Getty Images