Charles III automatically became king of the UK and 14 other Commonwealth realms on the death of his mother
King Charles III, here seen during his ascension as Britain's monarch on Sept. 8, 2022, had expressed his annoyance at the paparazzi when asked about his wedding to Camilla while vacationing to the Swiss Alps with Prince Harry and Prince William in 2005.

Retiring BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell does not hold any ill feelings towards King Charles III after the latter called him "awful" during his infamous 2005 interview. He said his question during the interview did not go as he planned.

The 70-year-old veteran has covered the royal family since 1998 and was there when the then Prince of Wales vacationed with his sons in the Swiss Alps eight days before his wedding to Camilla. The future monarch apparently got irritated when Witchell asked him: "Can I ask how you and Princes William and Harry are feeling at the prospect of the marriage?"

King Charles III was overheard saying under his breath: "Bloody people. I can't bear that man. I mean, he is so awful, he really is." Speaking about the infamous interview with The Telegraph, the royal correspondent admitted that he "was shocked" at the monarch's remark and added: "But to be perfectly honest, we all mutter under our breath, don't we?"

He also explained that his intention with the line of questioning was to get Prince Harry and Prince William to "endorse the wedding but it just went horribly wrong". Witchell also recalled that "people weren't in the best of moods that morning" and admitted that his question, "How do you feel about the wedding?" sounded "the most inane and pathetic".

He added: "But if you sort of unpack that, as the then Prince of Wales immediately did... I could see that his face was somewhat changing colour." King Charles III initially interrupted Witchell before he could finish his question saying, "You've heard of it have you?"

In response, Prince William politely said: 'Very happy, very pleased. It will be a good day." Then before calling Witchell "awful" King Charles III had also said, "I'm very glad you've heard of it anyway".

Palace aides at the time suggested that His Majesty was in a foul mood over Prince William and his then girlfriend Kate Middleton being photographed the previous day. Paddy Harverson, his press sectary at the time had said: "We recognise that we cannot stop photographers taking these pictures, but we hope every year that they will respect the privacy of the family and friends and their need to have a private holiday."

Harverson later shared that Witchell "was in the firing line when the prince was expressing his general frustration at the paparazzi and it boiled over at the first person to ask a question. It wasn't personal. He does regret saying it. He really didn't mean to take it out on Nicholas".

Witchell shared that King Charles III did not apologise for calling him "awful" although he had not expected him to. They had no contact with each other "for several years" until a "rapprochement" in Saudi Arabia.