Prince Andrew will reportedly continue to get monetary support from the royals even though he is no longer a working member of the family out of fear that he could destroy the monarchy's reputation without it.

Her Majesty stripped the Duke of York of his royal patronages and military titles in January this year. What she reportedly refuses to do is strip him of his dukedom and stop financially supporting him. It is believed that she even helped him come up with the money to settle his sexual abuse case out of court.

It is said that other senior royal family members also feel that they cannot cast the 62-year-old out because he could go rogue and talk badly about the monarchy. Royal expert Ingrid Seward told True Royalty TV's "The Royal Beat," They're not going to cast him out because he will be more trouble and start talking and giving TV interviews and writing books."

She added, "They don't want that again. He will be financially secure."

However, Prince Andrew will not have any chance of ever returning to public life when Queen Elizabeth II dies and Prince Charles becomes king. Newsweek's Royal Correspondent Jack Royston said, "That will be game over for him. It might be game over already."

Seward chimed in and said that she "would be very surprised if he kept the Royal Lodge" when the Prince of Wales takes over the throne.

The Duke of York lives at the Windsor estate with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, but they stay in different rooms. It is just a few minutes away from Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty currently resides.

It is believed that the disgraced royal has been making great efforts to get closer to his mother in his bid to return to royal life. He has reportedly been paying her a visit during lunchtime. He even escorted her to Prince Philip's memorial at Westminster Abbey in March this year.

However, Prince Andrew reportedly does not stand a chance of returning to royal life when Prince Charles and Prince William become king. They both do not want him to return to public life after the shame he brought on the monarchy with his sexual abuse scandal.

Prince Andrew's lawyers deny lack of cooperation
Prince Andrew settled his sexual abuse case with Virginia Roberts Giuffre out of court. Photo: AFP / JOHN THYS