Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose at an event - (File Photo) Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People's Choice Awards

Ruby Rose has had enough! The Pitch Perfect 3 actress took to Twitter on Monday (13 November) to respond to those who have been shaming her for being "too thin".

In a lengthy post, the xXx: Return of Xander Cage star took a dig at those criticising her physique, saying that it's "maddening" to see people flock to social media to comment on her body type.

Rose lashed out at dietitian Lisa DeFazio who recently told Star magazine that the actress should get help as she supposedly weighs 44kg (97 pounds) and also urged her family and friends to persuade her to take necessary steps to get back in healthy shape.

Rose kicked off her post, saying, "@lisadefazioMSRD Do you actually have any 'celebrity clients' or just gossip magazines? You comment on people who you deem are too big or too small and even go so far as to guess why. You are reckless and no Hollywood expert would behave the way you do."

She continued, "Telling a magazine MY 'manager friends and family should get involved and help me before it's too late' and that my weight is '44 kilos' ( I'd probably be in hospital of that were true ) is so maddening and irresponsible."

In her next tweet, Rose said she surrounds herself with a bunch of people - her family, friends, partner and medical professionals – who help her keep herself in the best shape possible.

"I'm running at an optimum level. I am deficient in nothing and have endless energy," she wrote on Twitter.

Rose warned the dietitian not to comment on her weight again or "I will absolutely knock you off your pedestal of self serving bulls****. I'd out train you, out box you and sleep better at night. Leave people alone."