Zayn Malik
The fans are hoping Malik might reunite with his bandmates once more. Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Zayn Malik sparked a frenzy on Twitter following reports that he might be returning to One Direction.

The hashtag "#zayniscomingback was trending on Sunday (14 June) after a fan took a screen shot of the One Direction official Facebook page, where a photo of the singer appears to have been added back to the group line up.

The screenshot sparked a flurry of excited tweets from fans speculating as to whether the Malik might be reuniting with former band mates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

"#zayniscomingback the only thing why everyone think he's coming back it's bc in the 1d site they put him back", wrote one fan.


"If it's true, this year will be most memorable year in my lifee!! Plz come back zayn!" said another.

"Please tell me that #zayniscomingback is true! crossing fingers."

Other fans appeared to be fuelling the rumours, suggesting that Malik had unfollowed music producer Naughty Boy on Twitter. Shortly after the 22-year-old announced he was quitting the band in March, the La La La producer riled fans and singer Louis Tomlinson after he posted a solo track he had recorded with Malik, on social media.

He was accused by Tomlinson of showing a lack of sensitivity as fans were still coming to terms with Malik's shock exit. Naughty Boy's friendship with Malik has been a bone of contention ever since, with some fans believing that the association between the two may have led to a rift between the 1D bandmates.

Naughty Boy later confirmed that a track recorded by Malik will feature on his next album.

Meanwhile, other fans were sceptical at the news that Malik was returning to the band just three months after he sensationally walked out on the British pop group mid-way through their world tour.

"STOP PLAYING WITH OUR FEELINGS :( IS THAT REAL OR NOT? . #zayniscomingback #zayniscomingback."

"#zayniscomingback please don't lie to me or I'll set myself on fire," wrote one ardent fan dramatically.

"#zayniscomingback cmon guys. We all know this is fake although we'd love to believe it. Why would he suddenly come back all of a sudden?"

Twitter was also full on different conspiracy theories as fans pointed out apparent hints that something was afoot, with reports that Simon Cowell had an announcement to make and a rumoured post by Malik's girlfriend Perrie Edwards apparently suggesting that 1D and Malik had a surprise in store for the fans.

Malik had previously explained his reasons for leaving the band, insisting that he just wanted to be a "normal 22 year old."

While he always expressed his intention to continue to work in music, in a surprising turn of events, on Friday (12 June) The Sun newspaper reported that the singer is interested in branching off into the fashion industry and is now keen to secure an endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand.

Meanwhile, the fans watch and wait with anticipation to see what Malik's next move will be. 1D or not 1D, that is the question.