Rupert Everett at Hugo Boss show
Everett said he does not think Caitlyn Jenner is a woman: 'She's a cross-dressing man.' Getty

British actor Rupert Everett says that children undergoing hormone therapy as part of changing sex is "a big step". Everett, who said he himself dressed exclusively as a girl between the ages of 6 and 14, also said that Caitlyn Jenner had made a mistake by transitioning.

"I really wanted to be a girl," Everett told the Sunday Times. "Thank God the world of now wasn't then, because I'd be on hormones and I'd be a woman. After I was 15 I never wanted to be a woman again." Everett also said that transgender celebrity, Caitlyn Jenner, has "no idea" what being transsexual involved.

"When she discovered everyone was either a drug addict or a prostitute, she was absolutely horrified," he said, adding: "I don't think she's a woman. She's a cross-dressing man."

The gay actor said he thinks parents who "get medical" are scary, before going on to say that children are "ambivalent" about gender and should be allowed to express themselves: "It's nice to be allowed to express yourself, but the hormone thing, very young, is a big step. I think a lot of children have an ambivalence when they're very young to what sex they are or what they feel about everyone. And there should be a way of embracing it."

Everett is currently starring in the BBC drama, Musketeers, in which he plays Governor Feron. During the interview he also talked about a former girlfriend, French actress Béatrice Dalle, once thinking she was pregnant with his child: "I would have loved to have had a child, actually. God, it probably would have been in rehab by now."