Comedian and activist Russell Brand has defended London's black cab drivers and accused the Uber service of tax evasion in the UK.

In his latest Trews video, Brand speaks to cab driver Courtney Connell who says Uber poses the biggest threat ever to black cabs.

"Uber, a multi-billion dollar corporation, part-owned by Goldman Sachs, part-owned by Google, that skims off all its profit and puts it into foreign bank accounts," said Brand.

"It's more money being siphoned out of our country. If you get a black cab that money stays in our country, stays in our economy. That's one clear advantage."

Brand further goes on to accuse Uber of tax evading and likens the cab service to companies, like Amazon, Starbucks and Tesco.

"Of course we all use Tesco, Amazon and Starbucks, they're unavoidable and we're just human beings. But be aware of what we're participating in because once these people have got us monopolised, I've got feeling that they're in this for profit so prices might start going up," said Brand.

"So many of our problems are as a result of centralised corporate interest that don't pay taxes locally and don't invest in community, they just siphon profits up to the top. You're not going to get that with a cab driver."