A teenage model in Russia died after she was allegedly stabbed 140 times by her "jealous" older sister who was on drugs. The corpse of 17-year-old Stefania Dubrovina was found mutilated beyond recognition with her eyes gouged out and ears hacked off.

Police have detained Elizaveta Dubrovina on suspicion of killing Stefania at an apartment owned by a 44-year-old male photographer in St Petersburg on 24 February. Police, however, have not disclosed the identity of the owner of the apartment.

A police source said that before the killing took place, the man had left the apartment to get some alcohol. The sisters and the man were partying at the apartment, the police source said.

Elizaveta was "jealous" of her sister and often copied Stefania's fashion style, newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported. There are also reports that Elizaveta was treated in a psychiatric hospital, with one of her friends claiming that she was a "bit crazy".

"I had known Stefania for about two years. She was a modest and attractive girl, she took part in my shows. I am shocked," St Petersburg showman Stas Baretsky, 43, said. "Stefania was never involved in it," Baretsky said referring to rumours that Stefania was involved in porn movies and was an escort girl, although she had posed naked for photoshoots.

"I called Stefania some hours before her death, she was crying. I asked her 'what happened?' But she explained nothing. I only understood that she had some problems," Baretsky said.

Stefania's aunt Ekaterina Dubrovina said the killing was a "shocking tragedy".

"My blood turns to ice. These poor children are not guilty in their gruesome childhood and in all their unhappy life which unfortunately ended for Stefania," Ekaterina said.