Sculptors in Russia have made a life-sized statue of Vladimir Putin out of chocolate. The pair have created the 77kg (170lb) sculpture of the president for the annual Festival of Chocolate in St Petersberg.

Sculptor Nikita Gusev said: "On one hand the chocolate is soft and malleable, on the other side it can be very hard. It is very plastic, it can take any form. I think this material really suits him because he is like that, in different situations he can be different, sometimes soft, sometimes hard".

The sculptors also created the Russian president's dog, Connie, from chocolate. Festival of Chocolate organiser Mikhail Lyubchenkov said: "We decided to immortalise him in chocolate in this sculpture. I want to add that last year the Pope was given a chocolate sculpture of himself. I thought that if Pope Francis can have a chocolate sculpture, why can't our president?"

The festival is due to start on 5 December.