River Klyazma
River Klyazma Nickolay Kruzhkov / Wikicommons

A murder investigation has been launched, after two headless female torsos and severed limbs were found in a river near Moscow, the regional branch of Russia's investigative committee said.

"The headless and limbless bodies of two women with multiple knife wounds to the chest and stomach were discovered on April 8 in the River Klyazma in the village of Mendeleyevo in the Solnechnogorsk district," said the statement reported by the Moscow Times.

A local man walking his dog spotted dismembered arms and legs floating in the river, reports Moskovskiy Komsomolets.

Police divers subsequently recovered the bodies, which were partly clothed. A bag was also found nearby.

According to the statement, the bodies had been in the river for some time.

No missing persons reports had been filed for two women in the region, and officials are attempting to identify the victims, according to the committee.

Both are believed to have been under 35, and from Russia.