Arms manufacturer Kalashnikov recently demonstrated a frightening anti-riot vehicle at the Russian army expo. The riot control vehicle, called the "Shchit" is reportedly based on a heavy truck with a wide extendable steel shield that can be lowered in front of it.

Shchit, from a rioter's point of view, will resemble a tall steel wall approaching him/her as it makes for an intimidating and ominous force. Kalashnikov says that the vehicle is the most advanced of its kind in the world.

According to Gizmodo, the Shield lowers the shield into place in front of it and creates a tall barrier to "impede crowds and projectiles".

The Associated Press reports that the Shchit has a raised a platform on which policemen can stand and suppress riots by firing through cut-outs, using tear gas, rubber bullets or whatever they deem necessary. The vehicle also has a water cannon attached to it.

There are several reported speculations as to why weapons and tactics created specifically for riot control and other internal security forces are seeing an uptick in Russia. According to the AP report, it could be because it is "widely seen" as a Kremlin concern and their preemptive preparation for mass protests because of Russia's rising economic struggles.

The report also says that Russia has a newly formed National Guard and that they have received a lot of equipment that is centred on dispersing demonstrations.

Interestingly, this comes at a time when US President Donald Trump is also talking about arming police forces with military-grade weapons as he has reportedly promised to lift a ban that Obama had placed on the armed forces called the 1033 program which allows the military to give their surplus weapons away to the police for free.