Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung may release the Galaxy A4 Samsung

An unknown Samsung Galaxy smartphone model spotted on an import-export website is being touted as the test version of the yet unannounced Galaxy A4. The model is said to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy A3 which was recently unveiled.

Galaxy A4
The Galaxy A4 listing Zauba

Indian export-import site Zauba lists a Samsung device tagged as A430-SM. While the Samsung Galaxy A3 is codenamed SM-A310 and the Samsung Galaxy A5 is codenamed SM-A510, the A430-SM looks like a device which would be a mid-variant of these two devices.

As for the importing part, Samsung has considerable R&D testing phases in India especially on smartphones and tablets. The importer often lists such devices which are brought to India for R&D. Prior to this the site had also listed two variants of Samsung's Tab S3 which is contemplated to be released this year.

The specs cannot be derived from the listing unlike in some other listings before where the screen size and RAMs of the device were stated. Additionally, a data cable and a SIM card have been shipped alongside for testing the device.

The mid-range Galaxy line of smartphones as of now consists of the A3, A5 and A7, along with the A9, A9 Pro and the A8. Given that the listing has just surfaced it should be a while before the model can make its way into production. It may be that the model is not called A4 and named something else. If the testing is not successful, the model may be scrapped altogether.