Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The apk files for Galaxy Note 4 apps are now available. Samsung

Samsung's new Note 4 will UK stores by the middle of October 2014, and the pre-orders for the device have just started. However, users can now get their hands on the apps and services stuffed in the device.

Senior XDA member, Albe95, has shared the apps from Galaxy Note 4 via APK (Android application package) files. Users can now enjoy the features of the Note 4 using the APK download links.

The apps includes Samsung's voice assistant, S Voice, and S Health, which turns the Galaxy Note into a personal health management gadget. The feature allows tracking health statistics such as blood pressure, blood-glucose and weight.

Other notable apps are Smart Remote, GeoNews, and the Task Manager app which offers quick memory management. The feature enables users to view and exit apps running on the device and uninstall the downloaded apps. Besides, users can free up system resources and view the amount of space available on the device.

There are other interesting apps such as the Gear Manager app, which allows connecting the mobile devices to Gear smartwatches, Snapbiz Card, All Together, and S Memo app (which lets users create memos by using the keypad or finger as a pen to draw or write). A couple of other apps are Story Album and Easy Chart for S Note.

Below are the download links of the apps, along with the screenshots.

Galaxy Note 4 S Voice

S Voice

Galaxy Note 4 S Health

S Health

Galaxy Note 4 Smart Remote

Smart Remote

Galaxy Note 4 GeoNews


Galaxy Note 4 Apps Widget

Apps widget

Galaxy Note 4 Task Manager

Task Manager

Samsung Gear Manager

Gear Manger

Snapbiz Card

Snapbiz Card

All together


S Memo

S Memo

Story Album

Story Album

Easy Chart for S Note

Easy Chart for S Note