Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The Note 7 is being tipped as the best Android smartphone for 2016 till now IBTimes UK

Samsung SDI, a sister company of Samsung Electronics and one of the battery suppliers for the Galaxy Note 7, has quashed reports of the device's battery being faulty, after two users claimed that their phones had exploded due to the battery. The company said it has not received any information from its official channels or test labs to suggest that the batteries it supplies for the Galaxy Note 7 were malfunctioning.

Within the last one week, two users of the Galaxy Note 7 have claimed on social media that their devices exploded while charging, indicating some problem with its battery. Korean sources claimed that Samsung is looking into the matter, but it seems the battery supplier of the Note 7 is confident of no malfunction in the component it provided.

As SDI is just one of the battery suppliers for the device, reports suggest that there could be problem with a particular batch of the battery. There's no conclusive evidence available to confirm what caused the batteries inside those units to explode. However, Samsung has mentioned that it is delaying shipments of the some batches of the Note 7 so that it can perform more tests but has not said what these tests are related to.

While it is unclear as to why those two devices exploded, both had indicated that they did not use the official Samsung charger to recharge the phones. It is possible that the fault lies with a third-party charger, but as of now nothing is clear.

If any major manufacturing defect is found, it could prove costly for the South Korean smartphone-maker as the firm is counting on this model to steer profits. Stocks of the tech giant were trading at a two-week low after reports emerged of its deliveries being delayed. The company has not declared which markets the delays will be affecting.

However, the incidents and the delay have not had any major impact on the demand for the device as Samsung is reported to have officially sold 500,000 units of the Galaxy Note 7 already. The company is relying on the Galaxy Note 7 to drive its sales momentum for 2016 and retain its global leadership in the smartphone market.