Last week, Samsung gave K-pop fans a big surprise when it unveiled the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition. Just like its previous offerings, this limited-edition bundle includes a special pair of Galaxy Buds+ themed just like its companion handset. Consumers who are in the market for a 2020 flagship from the South Korean manufacturer are presented with great value as the set comes with several freebies. However, it appears that all allocated units have sold out within an hour after pre-orders went up.

According to GSMArena, the announcement of the product tie-in with global music sensation BTS was the most popular post from the manufacturer's @SamsungMobile Twitter account to date. Fans of the boy band were apparently liking and retweeting the post since it went live. As such, stores in the group's native country quickly reported that it is no longer available even online.

It seems that depending on the market, Samsung adds a few more extras for those who pre-ordered their units. However, the standard items that ships with the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition are the smartphone (in an exclusive Haze Purple colourway) and the Galaxy Buds+ albeit in a darker purple and black colour scheme. On the other hand, sources reveal that the South Korean version of the bundle will even throw in a unique BT21 SMART Wireless Charger Pad, a BT21 SMART Buds Case, and a poster.

The latter two are BTS-themed as well with the wireless charging pad in a deep purple colourway, while the case is available in black or white with some additional iconography. Samsung is pricing the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition at approximately $1,320 USD. It is a little higher than purchasing regular variants of the devices separately, but it is understandable given it is a promotional collaboration between the company and the artists.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition sells out
It seems that depending on the market location, Samsung adds a few more extras for those who pre-ordered their units. Photo: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is practically the same as the regular model, but is preinstalled with additional themes and software. A common feature shared by the handset and wireless earbuds is the band's logo as well as the heart icon on certain sections of each device. Shipping starts on Monday, June 29, in South Korea, while global releases follow a little over a week later.