Samsung offers some of the best camera phones available in the market, and the Galaxy S22 series is no exception. The Galaxy S22 series smartphones boast an impressive array of Nightography features.

Moreover, Samsung fans heap praises on the Korean smartphone giant for offering exceptional low-light performance on the Galaxy S22 lineup.

Now, It looks like Samsung wants to take the photography department of its Galaxy S22 series to the next level. The company has rolled out an updated version of the Expert RAW app, which brings myriad impressive features to the Galaxy S22 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones running OneUI 5.0 will get the new Astrophotography Modes and Multiple Exposure features. This piece of vital information comes from

To recap, Samsung launched the Camera Assistant app not long ago. With the Astrophotography Mode, users can capture crystal-clear photos of constellations and a slew of other night activities.

For using this mode, it is important to turn the new Sky guide feature on and point towards the direction of constellations or the solar system.

The Galaxy S22's camera adopts advanced AI segmentation technology, coupled with multi-frame processing, to capture awe-inspiring photos in a set period.

The multi-frame processing relies on the celestial bodies' movement. Moreover, the Astrophotography Mode will allow you to choose UW 30 sec / W 20 sec / T 15 sec / ST 4 sec shutter speed.

The Multiple Exposure Mode, on the other hand, comes in handy for capturing multiple photos of the same scene and setting them on top of each other.

Those with the latest version of the Expert RAW camera app can find the two new features under the Special Photo section.

Also, Samsung has now equipped the Galaxy S22 with a Camera Assistant app. The app allows you to enable and disable some features available in the stock camera app.

You can also turn off Auto HDR, record video in photo mode, switch lenses, or soften pictures using the Camera Assistant app.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series
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