The next generation of the Galaxy S-series flagship smartphones could be heading to the market soon. However, Samsung is still mum on its plan to launch the highly-anticipated Galaxy S22 series successors.

So, noted leakers and tipsters are sparing no effort to divulge vital pieces of information about the Galaxy S23 series ahead of launch. In line with this, new details about the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone's camera have surfaced online.

One of the internet's most reliable tipsters Ice Universe claims Samsung will equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a mammoth 200MP primary camera sensor on the back. However, it is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is not the first phone to house this large sensor.

Regardless, the Korean smartphone giant might bring major improvements to the 200MP sensor. For instance, the 200MP shooter on the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be capable of offering enhanced low-light performance.

Also, this improvement will reflect in both photos, as well as video recordings. Building more hype around the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200MP sensor, IC has now shared a camera sample from the smartphone's prototype.

The leaker shared the camera sample image via a Weibo post. In the post, IC compares photos of a scene captured by the Galaxy S22 Ultra to the same scene captured by the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Each of these cropped photos was enlarged 16 times. However, these images do not have any AI-based enhancements.

Yet, the image shot using the Galaxy S23 Ultra is sharper and has more details as compared to the image shot using a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to Ice Universe, the 200MP camera will boast "unparalleled computational skills." In fact, the tipster suggests these improvements are the biggest camera upgrade in five years for Samsung.

So, it is safe to assume that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be one of the best camera phones to hit store shelves next year. Aside from this, IC believes the company will use better telephoto lenses on the upcoming premium-grade smartphone.

On the downside, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could retain the zoom cameras of its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S23
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