Apple's Siri made its debut with the launch of iPhone 4S in October last year. The personal assistant is now available in the new iPad as well as iPhone 4S. Samsung's new S Voice which recently made its appearance has been adopted into the newest Galaxy S3 which was announced in London on 3 May.

Apple announced its latest operating system, iOS 6, which comes with 200 new features. Apple promises the new operating system will be available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users sometime this fall. New updates for Siri are among other notable features in Apple's iOS 6.

New Siri updates

The new Siri features include the capability to launch apps, support for more languages, perform voice-activated Facebook and Twitter updates, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendation and movie listing. Siri can make reservation through OpenTable and play movie trailers, reports Cnet UK. Furthermore features of iOS 6 include all new Mapp app and Siri is integrated into the new mapping service. The turn-by-turn navigation feature guides users to their destination by giving spoken directions to Siri. The personal assistant can even tell the user how long it will take to get their destination.

Apple also announced that it intends to put Siri in the steering wheels of compatible cars from Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda and Audi. The development will apparently take 12 more months. Apple has provided developers the APIs (Application Programming Interface) within the iOS 6 beta version which will allow any app-developer to communicate with Siri, a move that will make the voice assistant always present system-wide.

S Voice
S Voice is a voice activated personal assistant. Samsung

What Does Galaxy S3's S Voice Have?

The S Voice is an advanced natural language user interface. The voice activated personal assistant allows information search and device-user communication and provides powerful device control and commands as well. S Voice can be used to set alarm, play songs, turn volume up and down, send text messages and emails and organise schedules. Speaking to the device, S Voice can automatically launch the camera and capture photos. S Voice can launch apps and turn-by-turn navigation and switch into driving mode. It can place and answer calls, get the weather and tweet.

Both Siri and S Voice demand proper enunciated user commands and depend on search engines for answers. When it comes to speed the current version of Siri responds faster while the S Voice offers a greater array of performance-related options.

A test conducted by Cnet UK between the current version of Siri running in iPhone 4S and S Voice suggests that the latter appeared to have won only one round and on some occasions the S Voice was not even able to interpret the request made to it. However S Voice has some useful innovations which Apple's Siri lacks.