Samsung has just announced plans to launch its 2016 line-up of smart TVs driven by the company's SmartThings technology, which is based on an open Internet of Things (IoT) service platform. To be precise, SmartThings is an open platform that allows users to connect, manage and control smart devices using a universal IoT hub technology.

Smart TVs of 2016 aka SUHD TVs will incorporate IoT services to enable the TV to act as the controller for the entire smart home. SUHD TVs can connect, monitor and control over 200 SmartThings compatible devices including lights, thermostats, alarms and security cameras. However, an Extend USB adapter is required for full support of connectivity across all compatible devices.

SmartThings Extend USB adapter
SmartThings Extend USB adapter enables users to connect SUHD TVs to a wide-range of smart devices and control them Samsung

In a nutshell, you just need to plug in a free USB adapter called the "SmartThings Extend" that allows you to monitor and control ZigBee and Z-Wave devices, using the Wi-Fi connectivity built into Samsung's smart TVs.

With Samsung working to build a universal smart home control into a TV interface, there is no longer any need to use separate apps for individual smart devices. For instance, customers can monitor the visitors arriving at their doorstep right from the comfort of their sofas by using the integrated camera feature on their Samsung Smart TV.

One can also enjoy a more cinematic viewing experience with the new Cinema Mood feature being integrated into the Smart TVs, which adjusts the LED backlighting and surround sound speakers based on the ambient conditions of your living room where the TV is placed.

"The 2016 line-up of Smart TVs will offer consumers new possibilities and cement Samsung's market leading position, as the first company to launch IoT ready TVs," said Hyun Suk Kim, president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics in a press release.

"With Samsung Smart TVs working with the SmartThings technology, we have an opportunity to reach millions of households," said Alex Hawkinson, CEO and co-founder of SmartThings.

Although there is still no official confirmation about the activation date for the SmartThings TV feature, it is expected to see a region-wise rollout in phases, following its launch at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.