Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung's public unveiling of the Note 7 included some sly digs at closest competitor, Apple IBTimes UK

On 2 August, Samsung finally unveiled the latest iteration in its flagship 'phablet' series at two simulcasted media events in London and New York. While flaunting the newly-announced Galaxy Note 7 however, a representative for the South Korean manufacturer decided to throw some shade in the direction of its biggest rival in the smartphone market, Apple.

Between touting the 5.7in Android smartphone's curved edges, impressive specs and its first iris scanner, Samsung's vice-president of marketing, Justin Denison, managed to sneak in a none-too-subtle dig at the Cupertino giant.

Much has been made of Apple's expected decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the nascent iPhone 7 in favour of utilising the Lightning port for music, with some fans expressing dismay at the omission of a feature that has become an industry-standard. It would seem that Samsung is quite aware of these complaints (and the resulting petition) and saw the perfect opportunity to twist in the knife.

"Want to know what else it comes with?" teased Denison between showcasing the Note 7's features. "An audio jack. I'm just saying."

Not content with one cheeky jibe, the event's focus on the Note 7's updated S-Pen stylus also alluded to criticism of the iPad Pro peripheral, the Apple Pencil. As well as being twice as sensitive as before, capable of being used on a locked screen and even underwater, Samsung also noted that the S-Pen does not need to be recharged and comes free with the device. The Apple Pencil, meanwhile, costs £79 and requires a lightning connector for charging.

Apple comparisons aside, the Galaxy family's big-screen phablet has impressed us early on. You can read our first impressions of the handset here. For those wondering whether to go for Samsung's main flagship, the Galaxy S7, over the Note 7, be sure to read our side-by-side comparison.