Samsung patent
The Samsung patent showing off the 3-in-1 device concept GalaxyClub

A patent application from Samsung has emerged showing off a 3-in-1 device that transforms from a watch into a phone, and even a tablet. The device features a stretchable OLED display that helps the transformation.

The patent application titled 'Device using stretchable display and controlling method of the same' was filed by Samsung at the Korean Intellectual Property Office almost a year and a half ago. It is not known, however, if the patent has been approved and is in actual development or if it is just a far-fetched concept at this time.

The flexible display shown in the patent can be bent, folded and stretched into various shapes and forms. Although the company has filed an array of patents for such flexible displays in the past, this one is the first to showcase a 3-in-1 device idea.

Meanwhile, Samsung's rumoured foldable display phone is slated to make a debut in 2017. The device has been reported by some tipsters to be named Galaxy X and may be launched sometime in the first half of 2017.

Flexible displays have been on the radar of the company for a while now as they have been trying to figure out ways to make the technology cost effective. In January director Lee Chang-hoon of Samsung display said, "Development of Foldable OLED is taking place according to our plan. We are planning on mass-production and release of this product by discussing with our partners."

Apart from Samsung, other companies have also been experimenting with flexible displays with Lenovo recently showcasing foldable displays for future smartphones and tablets at the Lenovo Tech World 2016.