September security patch for Galaxy Note4
September security patch now available for Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge IBTimes UK

Samsung is seeding September Android security patch for its fourth generation Galaxy Note and its curved screen variant Note Edge. It's a little late though, considering Samsung has already detailed the security patch for October that is likely for its flagship phones any time soon.

Along with the important security patch to enhance the security of the Galaxy phones, Samsung adds support for Samsung Cloud, the company's answer to Apple's iCloud service. Samsung made the Cloud feature available for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge through the September patch.

Samsung Cloud offers 15GB free storage, which can be used to synchronise, back up and restore data stored in the mobile device. With Samsung Cloud, users can create a backup of content including Calendar, contacts saved in device and SIM, call logs, Clock, home screen layout, apps, system settings, messages, music, voice recordings and documents. The data can also be restored for future use.

The feature, which made its debut in the Galaxy Note 7, can appear as Galaxy Cloud, Samsung Backup and Restore or Personal Data Management depending on the Galaxy device you are using.

The security maintenance release (SMR) package that contains patches from both Google and Samsung, also has nine fixes from Samsung for vulnerabilities.

Sammobile, which reported about the release, says it is currently rolling out for users in Europe. Once the update is available for your Note 4 and Note Edge, go to Settings>> About device>> Software update>> Update now to grab the latest release manually.