Samsung's new Tizen smartphone, the Z3, is tipped to launch in 11 countries across Europe, following its initial release in India. Although Samsung has not confirmed anything about the smartphone's release in Europe and other Asian countries, folks at Tizen Experts have suggested that it will be releasing soon in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Some insiders close to Tizen Experts have unofficially confirmed that the Z3 is currently being tested for launch in 11 European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

There is no word on the actual European launch date yet, but the smartphone is likely to hit some of these countries before Christmas. Unlike the Z1 which is a budget model, the Z3 is touted as a mid-range phone with the likelihood of an imminent launch of its 4G variant (SM-Z300F) in Europe. The Z1 is expected to be launched in Indonesia and Malaysia in the coming months, while the 3G variant of Z3 (SM-Z300H) is already available in the Indian market.

Although the app development for Tizen OS is still in its nascent stage, some developers have already released the native Facebook app. The VLC app is also reportedly in the works with many other apps in the pipeline.