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The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson AFP / Getty Images

Sarah Ferguson underwent a single mastectomy in May following a cancer diagnosis. In her latest podcast episode, she opened up about how she found self love following the operation after years of being compared to Princess Diana.

The Duchess of York said in the final episode of "Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah," released on Aug. 31, that the surgery gave her a new perspective on how she should accept herself. It was a wake up call for her to start loving herself and her body more regardless of what people or the press say.

She told her friend and co-host Sara Thomson, "When I look back, you know, I was OK...I got good legs and look good, and I didn't like myself, and that was because, I think, you know, I was always compared to Diana."

Ferguson added of the comparisons to the late former Princess of Wales, "I think at the end, I sort of believed my own press, which is, you know, not too good."

The 63-year-old admitted that it took a "body to be cut off" for her to "wake up and stop worrying, stop self-hatred, stop self-doubt, stop all these things" and "stop not liking yourself."

"You've got an enormous scar but you like yourself. You like yourself a lot," she said.

In the episode called "Luck, chance meetings and a well earned break," Fergie, as she is famously called, also thanked her sister for forcing her to get the mammogram screening at a time when she wanted to put it off. She called her sister the "greatest luck" in her life because she saved her life by coercing her to get the screening.

The Duchess of York shared a close bond with Princess Diana and they were often photographed together during royal events. But while the late princess was showered with compliments for her looks and fashion sense by the British press, Fergie was criticised for her weight and her lack of style. She was fat-shamed and labelled as the "Duchess of Pork." and ridiculed for her ill-fitting clothes and her fashion sense was referred to as a "no style zone."

Ferguson faced intense scrutiny from the cruel British press and the mum-of-two opened up about how it led to a lot of mental health problems and trauma during her appearance at the 92nd Street Y in New York in March to promote her new book "A Most Intriguing Lady." But she has since bounced back and her mastectomy helped give her a new perspective on life.