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The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson underwent a single mastectomy following her breast cancer diagnosis. AFP / Getty Images

Sarah Ferguson took to social media to share an update after her single mastectomy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram screening earlier this year.

The Duchess of York wrote on Instagram that she is "recuperating at the moment" following her successful surgery last weekend. She also shared her gratitude to everyone who helped with her operation writing, "Thank you doesn't quite cover it to all of my doctors, nurses and medical professionals. I'm beyond lucky to have you."

The 63-year-old added that she plans to share her story in the future, possibly in her "Tea Talks" podcast, and encouraged "everyone to get checked."

In the same post, Fergie, as she is best known, included a video taken from her recent podcast chat with co-host Sarah Thompson in which she talked about her breast cancer diagnosis.

"We must make people realise that it's not okay, but if you're going to get it, then catch it quick. Do the screening, catch it quick, and go and say 'I can do this.'"

She added of her acceptance of her diagnosis that "it's not bravery. It's not courage." Instead, "it's about understanding that you're not going to feel as you did for a bit." She advised to those undergoing the same experience, "So don't try and be a superhero. Take many steps, have the cup of tea, trust people, very important not to be complacent with every single thing now."

The Duchess of York admitted about her experience, "I think it's scary for any family member out there, you really start to look at your own demise. It's a wake-up call, and you think, how am I going to deal with this?"

She added, "I have to say it's really just extraordinary to come to terms with a new you. You cannot be complacent with yourself or life or how lucky you are."

Despite her breast cancer diagnosis, Ferguson knows that "the show must go on." But she also advises everyone to "be mindful of each word you say, be gentle with yourself and people, and be very grateful."

The "A Most Intriguing Lady" author revealed in a previously released episode of her "Tea Talks" podcast that she had no symptoms so she had no knowledge of her cancer until a routine mammogram screening showed a "shadow" in the chest area. She was immediately advised to undergo a single mastectomy which she did at King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, Central London.

She was discharged last Sunday following a reported eight-hour operation: first for the single mastectomy and then for the reconstructive surgery. She stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for four days following the operation so doctors could monitor her vital signs after hours of being under general anaesthesia.

Fergie is now convalescing at home in Royal Lodge with her family supporting her. She has also told pals that she has a "long road" to recovery but vows to "beat" cancer. She also told Thompson during their podcast chat that she will work on getting "super fit, super strong" following her surgery.

A spokesperson announced her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery in a statement: "The duchess is receiving the best medical care and her doctors have told her that the prognosis is good. She is now recuperating with her family. The duchess wants to express her immense gratitude to all the medical staff who have supported her in recent days."

The statement added that Ferguson is "hugely thankful to the staff involved in the mammogram which identified her illness." It also mentioned that she was "otherwise symptom-free" and that the Duchess of York's breast cancer diagnosis "underlines the importance of regular screening."