A US woman has become an internet sensation after her mugshot went viral, drawing scores of comments from ecstatic fans. Sarah Seawright of Arkansas is enjoying a new-found fame after the photo taken by the Pulaski County Police Department was posted online by the site Ugly Plastic.

It has been since shared hundreds of times by social media users praising her beauty under the hashtag #PrisonBae. Seawright, who according to her Facebook page lives in Little Rock, was held in April for failing to appear in court in connection to an earlier careless driving arrest, police records show.

The 24-year-old was also previously detained on charges of aggravated robbery, 1st degree battery, kidnapping, hindering apprehension, and tampering with evidence, in relation to a 2012 incident in Bryant, Fox16 reported.

Besides admiration for her looks Seawright seemed to be receiving also some hate mail, as after first posting on social media a screenshot of rapper Tape sharing her photo on Twitter, she wrote "Keep the hate coming. I was built for this!"

Hers is not the first case of internet falling for an alleged criminal. American Convict Jeremy Meeks became an online celebrity after his mugshot went viral in 2014, winning the dubious nicknames of 'Hotty McMug Shot' and 'Mugshot McDreamy'. Meeks went on to make a career out of it and was reported to have been signed by a modelling agency in 2015.