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A senior Saudi prince has called for the Kingdom's leadership change in the wake of the Hajj death toll and falling oil prices. Getty Images

A senior Saudi Prince is urging the royal family to bring a change to the Kingdom's present leadership in the wake of the mounting Hajj death toll in Makkah. The prince, identified as one of the grandsons of the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, reportedly wrote several letters to the royal family calling for a leadership change.

According to the unidentified prince, there is already a feeling of uneasiness in the royal family since King Salman took to the throne.

"The king is not in a stable condition and in reality the son of the king [Mohammed bin Salman] is ruling the kingdom," the unidentified prince told the Guardian. "So four or possibly five of my uncles will meet soon to discuss the letters. They are making a plan with a lot of nephews and that will open the door. A lot of the second generation is very anxious. The public are also pushing this very hard, all kinds of people, tribal leaders...They say you have to do this or the country will go to disaster."

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud is the deputy crown and the son of King Salman, the present King of Saudi Arabia.

Emergency meeting

We [have] got closer and closer to the fall of the state and the loss of power.
- Unidentified senior prince, Saudi Arabia

The unidentified prince has also called for an emergency meeting in fears the monarchy will collapse as oil prices are tumbling and the Kingdom is facing increasing criticism over the Hajj disaster.

"We [have] got closer and closer to the fall of the state and the loss of power," read the letter, reported Middle East Eye. "We appeal to all the sons of King Abdulaziz – from the eldest Prince Bandar to the youngest Prince Muqrin – to summon an emergency meeting with all the family to discuss the situation and do everything that is needed to save the country."

The letter was reportedly signed off as "a descendant of the King Abdulaziz of the House of Saud."

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