Savannah Chrisley
Savannah Chrisley was severely injured in a car accident on 16 January Getty Images

Savannah Chrisley is not planning to get behind the wheels anytime soon. The Chrisley Knows Best star was in a "traumatising" car accident on 16 January and is currently facing a six-week recovery from a broken vertebra in her neck.

A source close to the family told HollywoodLife, "[Savannah] doesn't want to drive anytime soon. She definitely is scared and is in zero rush for when she is 100% to get behind the wheel again."

"It's still all a bit traumatising," the insider added of the 19-year-old's state. Savannah reportedly lost control of her car and crashed into a guardrail, while attempting to readjust a floor mat that was stuck under her gas pedal. In addition to the injury to her neck, she also sustained bruises and burns from the airbag.

Previously, Chrisley opened up about her accident and revealed she was shocked at drinking and driving accusations from internet users. She told People, "It's shocking to me how people can look at a situation and say, 'Oh, she was texting or she was dong this or that,' but they have no idea what was going on. They somehow want to blame my parents and say, 'She deserves it, she had it coming.'"

Revealing that she was hurt by such comments on social media, the reality star continued, "It truly hurt me and made me mad because they had no idea what was going on. People in the world see what we put on social media and they see the show and think they know everything about us, but they have no idea. People say hurtful things like that; it hurts my dad and mom because the situation could have ended a lot differently. So for them to say negative comments, that's so uncalled for."

"It was a scary experience, but I did have my seatbelt on and there was no texting involved," the star insisted.