Scandal season 5
Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant during the presidential election ABC

The presidential election is heating up in Shondaland's Scandal season 5 as Mellie Grant and vice president Susan Ross are inching closer towards realising their dream. The finale of the ABC political drama will be a roller-coaster ride for Olivia Pope.

Season 5 of the Shonda Rhimes-created series, saw plenty of ups and downs in the crisis manager's life as she silently aborted her baby with Fitz and broke Jake's heart. In the previous episode, she had a huge showdown with Abby. During their fight, Abby revealed that Rowan Pope had tipped her about Liv's pregnancy and abortion and that Fitz would be hurt if he learns about "Liv's dirt".

However, the former friends will keep their feud aside to work together to bring Hollis Doyle down to elevate Mellie's campaign. And from the promo, it appears, Liv has her plans in motion to achieve the target.

Jake, on the other hand, is desperate to grab the vice president's chair, but he will need Liv's help in doing so. It remains to be seen whether Liz will bail him out of his dire situation or will she step back fearing he might get killed by Papa Pope.

Click here to watch episode 21 titled, That's My Girl, on ABC's official website (the link is available only in the US).

The ABC description for the finale reads:

As per the official synopsis, Olivia will be in a potentially dire situation "while Cyrus will gather some damaging information" that could thoroughly alter the presidential elections.

Scandal season 5 finale will air on 12 May at 9pm EDT on ABC network.