Scandal season 5
Fitz and Olivia's steamy reunion was leaked by a White House insider ABC

Olivia and Fitz enjoyed their reunion by spending plenty of intimate moments in the Scandal season 5 premiere episode. But their secret cosy moments were leaked to the public by some unknown person. In the second episode, the couple will try to end the drama and go their separate ways in order to stay away from the paparazzi.

The synopsis for episode 2 titled Yes reads: "The Pope and Associates team dives into a new case that takes Olivia out of D.C. and away from the President. Meanwhile, back at the White House, Fitz is determined to find who's responsible for causing the latest turn of events, and Abby receives unexpected guidance from a master of damage control as she struggles to catch a break."

While Liv takes up a new case and leaves Washington in order to stay away from the US president, Fitz tries everything under his power to unmask the person who tried to tarnish his image by leaking his very personal moments to the public. Former B613 agent Jake may also return in the upcoming episode. He was already seen in the last few scenes of the season 5 premiere.

Show creator Shonda Rhimes has teased that the current season will see a lot of change in the Pope daughter's life. "Olivia finds that every single thing about her life has changed in unexpected ways," the show creator told EW. Scandal season 2, episode 2 will air on Thursday, 1 October on ABC.